Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Peaches & Cream Eyelashes Review

Hi Girls
It eyelash review time again, last week I reviewed eldora 
and today I am going to be reviewing my home fave 
if you dont no peaches and cream are they are makeover studio based in the heart of Liverpool.
they offer a range of services including makeovers, hair ups and have recently started to stock there own products including eyelashes, glitters, jewelry and much more.

I love there eyelashes and they are a must have with Liverpool girls and makeup artists all over
they offer a wholesale package of 20 eyelashes for £40 which means they come in at £2 a pack and if you are a makeup artist you no how much of a good deal it is. 
They come in gorgeous packaging with the peaches and cream logo all over, if your like me I am a obsessive over packaging so I love when a company takes prides in it.

in the wholesale package you get
5 sets of 01 eyelashes 
5 sets of 02 eyelashes (There New No9)
5 sets of 03 eyelashes 
5 sets of 05 eyelashes

No1: These are the perfect natural eyelash 
if you dont want to go to extreme these are the eyelashes for you! 
they are a winged shape which will give your eyes that extra pop and make them look bigger.

No2: these are Peaches most popular eyelashes formerly called no9 they are sold out in a matter of days so if you want em!! go get em!! 
they are stunning!! they are definitely a favorite when it comes to my clients.

No 3:  We all no a girl who loves a big lash 
these are wispy and fabulous they also have a gorgeous curl to them.
with a bat wing effect they would go perfect with a 
full smokey eye.

No 5: I cant stop looking at these #amazing they have a amazing length so if 
your looking for that wispy long effect they are perfect for you.

This wholesale package is perfect for any makeup artist
they have a range of styles that will fit all your different types of clients.

What do you think of these lashes??
 have you tried them out???
let me know!!

Will be posting some pictures of them on my clients at the weekend.

You Can Find Peaches and cream at
Or @PeachesMakeup