Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Top 3 Crown Brushes

  1.  BK38 Deluxe Crease Brush 
This is my favorite brush from is a must have in my kit and never do a makeup without it, its soft bristles are perfect for the crease as it apply's the eye shadow so softly and with abit of pressure can give your that perfect cut crease, there is no other brush like it 10/10   

2. C124 Firm Shadow 

The Perfect brush for applying eye shadow this brush enables you to place your eye shadow directly where you want it, it also holds the eye shadow perfectly in place, this is a must have in everyone's makeup bag it also makes the perfect highlighter brush for your brow bone 10/10

3. C160-1/8 Angle Liner
I cant express enough how much everyone needs a angle brush this multi use brush can be used on eyebrows, eyeliner, under your eyes & even your lips for that precise lip line!  your eyebrows will never be the same, brows are what shape your face so it is important to make them look good!! 10/10

you can find crown brush at

What are your favorite Crown/Makeup Brushes
Would Love To No!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Weekend Makeovers

This Weeks Makeup Buys

I finally got myself some of that Ben Nye Banana powder that I have been longing for soon as i seen love makeup had it back in I had to purchase it! and its amazing I now couldn't imagine life without it haha it was £14 inc delivery 

Next we all know there is nothing better than MAC Cosmetics at Christmas they do the best collections so before they all sold out I went and bought myself one, I was on the bus longer than I was in town #in&out 
Hahah ;))

Isn't she purrrtyyy!! 
the pigment & glitter collection come in at £25.50
What are you buys this week let me know!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Weekend Makeovers


Hey Dolls!!

Sorry I have been on the missing list ive had a hectic couple of weeks, firstly I jetted of to Majorca for a week, I cant complain it was pure relaxation!!

But I then come back to reality and had to get my makeup studio up and running!
well I am finally pleased to say its all finished!!! its been difficult getting there but I am officially open for business I'm based in Liverpool So if your in the area come & get your makeup done at Liverpool's Newest Makeup Studio

what do you think?
let me know? 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Peaches & Cream Eyelashes Review

Hi Girls
It eyelash review time again, last week I reviewed eldora 
and today I am going to be reviewing my home fave 
if you dont no peaches and cream are they are makeover studio based in the heart of Liverpool.
they offer a range of services including makeovers, hair ups and have recently started to stock there own products including eyelashes, glitters, jewelry and much more.

I love there eyelashes and they are a must have with Liverpool girls and makeup artists all over
they offer a wholesale package of 20 eyelashes for £40 which means they come in at £2 a pack and if you are a makeup artist you no how much of a good deal it is. 
They come in gorgeous packaging with the peaches and cream logo all over, if your like me I am a obsessive over packaging so I love when a company takes prides in it.

in the wholesale package you get
5 sets of 01 eyelashes 
5 sets of 02 eyelashes (There New No9)
5 sets of 03 eyelashes 
5 sets of 05 eyelashes

No1: These are the perfect natural eyelash 
if you dont want to go to extreme these are the eyelashes for you! 
they are a winged shape which will give your eyes that extra pop and make them look bigger.

No2: these are Peaches most popular eyelashes formerly called no9 they are sold out in a matter of days so if you want em!! go get em!! 
they are stunning!! they are definitely a favorite when it comes to my clients.

No 3:  We all no a girl who loves a big lash 
these are wispy and fabulous they also have a gorgeous curl to them.
with a bat wing effect they would go perfect with a 
full smokey eye.

No 5: I cant stop looking at these #amazing they have a amazing length so if 
your looking for that wispy long effect they are perfect for you.

This wholesale package is perfect for any makeup artist
they have a range of styles that will fit all your different types of clients.

What do you think of these lashes??
 have you tried them out???
let me know!!

Will be posting some pictures of them on my clients at the weekend.

You Can Find Peaches and cream at
Or @PeachesMakeup

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Makeovers From The Weekend

Hi Dolls!
As You may no I am a makeup artist & this weekend I was fully booked up, my feet are killing, but it was fully worth making these ladies look fabulous for there nights out here are some makeovers! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Emmy Awards 2013 - Best all together look...

The Hair, The Lipstick, The catching eye makeup the TV stars where out in force at last nights Emmy awards, 
Clare Danes debuted her gorgeous faux bob and shimmery skin but the real winner of the night for me was Sofia Vergara although she lost out on the big win she certainty won in the in the best dressed department wearing a stunning Vera Wang Number, Vera is famous for her beautiful wedding dresses but she is also a red carpet favorite! 

Sofia flaunted her fabulous figure in this to die for red lace gown with a plunging neck line and fish tail,she certainly looked like she was holding it all together.

she paired the dress with huge earrings, made up of diamonds and rubies 
her makeup was gorgeous simple and elegant 
cat eyes and a lip that complements her skin tone perfectly.

Who was your favorite at the Emmy Awards
Comment Below

Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends

Its that time again autumn has arrived & Its time to get inspired by the beauty trends that we are set to roll out as the weather cools down
 this A/W its all about getting rid of the pinks and saying hello to berry, burgundy and blacks 
dewy skin is no longer a must have, 
its all about a flawless a velvet finish.  

Here are my top trends for this A/W

All About the eyes

We seen purples & reds at Gucci 
and blacks at Marc Jacobs 
this a/w its all about heavily made up, grudge looking eye makeup 
a must have to make your mark this winter.

Cat eyes

all over the cat walk with a sixties twist eyeliner is big and with so many different ways to do it you will never run out of options 
use Illamasqua Gel Eyeliner to get that perfect winged look.

Red, Berry & Burgundy Lips

Lips where a big statement 
no matte was in sight
 all the lips where textured, velvet and glossy finishes
all about the different shades of red.

What do you think of the A/W Trends
what is your favorite 
leave a comment 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Night Out, The Liverpool Way

Liverpool girls dont do things by half
im sure many of you no that, us scouse ladies are known for are over the top personalities and our quest for all things beautiful

the average Liverpool girl spends her whole week preparing for the Saturday night out
with some going to the extremes of plastic surgery.

Liverpool has double the amount of makeup artists/hair salons than any other city in the UK.
We certainly dont play around when it comes to beauty. 

I thought I would do a little post of how to get the typical scouse look as I no it is a look requested by many, even though you might think it,
the average scouse girl doesn't have them extreme scouse brows, 
Liverpool girls are always classy and though you may not believe we never look trashy.

1. Sleep In rollers

They are a must in Liverpool
everyone girl owns a set of fabulous rollers, and when we discovered sleep in rollers well its safe to say we went insane, just what we needed rollers that we could sleep in! 
if you dont see a girl in rollers when out in town on a Saturday you would suspect there must of been some sort of war.

                 2. The perfect lashes

feeling like a man is a must not 
so no scouse girl feels right without false eyelashes
a must have, 
running out on a Saturday morning is not uncommon.

3. The perfect non streaky tan

Oh to have a uneven tan is the worst that could happen on a Saturday night
some will opt for a spray tan
others will do there own 
couldn't go out looking white now could we ;).

4. The perfect smokey eye

Most girls will go to a makeup artist like me,most weekends I am fully booked up!others will try to master the smokey eye by using palettes like urban decay naked 2
with so many options you can have a different 
smokey eye every other weekend.

5. The scouse brow

The brow that has become famous thanks to shows like desperate scouse wives, however im sorry to disappoint the scouse brows are not so scouse as many ladies do not have there brows like that I would say we like to have are brows more kardashian style
defiantly full, but to have them at the point were you cant see no hair is a no! 

6. the perfect base

Its no secret that we like to have a good base that means trying to show as little skin as possible
Illamasqua skin base foundation is perfect
with Liverpool having both illamasqua and mac stores we are never short of options  

and these are the 6 steps to the perfect Liverpool look
not for everyone but a must for some!
hope you enjoyed 

My Fight Against Bad Skin

Hi everyone

As many of you may not know I have mild acne
its been a problem of mine for about 3 years now 
and one of the reasons I got into makeup

I don't have severe acne so I count my blessings
but I have enough of it for it to ruin my day pretty much everyday

for the past month I have been on a mission to
clear out my body

and today I've decided that its time to tackle my acne too
I have tried cream from the doctors and it just didn't work for me
and I dont believe in taking antibiotics or any sort of medication to tackle acne
as I believe you should take antibiotics for much more serious issues

Ive done my research and as acne is a hormonal thing I plan to tackle it from the inside 
thats means drinking lots of water (I Mean lots)
clearing out your liver and putting only healthy ingredients into your 
body making sure your body gets lots of vitamins.
also completely avoiding sugar.

I have also went out and bought some cleansers, face scrubs etc 
just to give myself and extra boost
my mum has always told me the benefits of drinking hot lemon juice in the
morning and night 
so I also plan to do that

Do any of you suffer with acne
if so, what did you use to treat it

I will be posting before & after pictures as the weeks progress

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Illamasqua Skin Base Lift Review!

Hi Dolls!!

As soon as I heard about the skin base lift I had to have it, 
even the name (skin base LIFT) made me want it, 
Illamasqua are known for there individuality and there high class products
so I excepted nothing more.

I have to admit it I didn't believe in concealer as it had never worked for me, 
I have the worst panda eyes and had completely given up on it.

until now

SB lift comes in 7 different shades one of them being a pure white,
 perfect for highlighting 
the other 6 shades contain peachy tones to flatter & Lift the skin,
the formula is rich and creamy and very easy to work with.
the shade I used today was Light 1

Okay so the first picture (top left) is without any product under eye expect for Hydra veil,
I used a pea sized amount and applied it with my fingers
next I used a crown brush concealer brush to apply the product under my eye and above my brow
I then took my beauty blender and softly blended it all in
finally I took a Illamasqua Blending Brush 2 and MAC pressed blot powder in medium and lightly pressed it into the skin.

And here is the finished result

I am amazed and will now be purchasing all the shades for my kit,
it is a must have to get rid of those bags!
I am finally a believer in concealer 

price: £16
Where to buy:

Hope you all enjoyed the review
will you be buying SB Lift
or have already bought it 
& what did you make of it?
let me know

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Orange You Glad?

It Was all over New York fashion week
although orange wont be the new black 
it is certainly next summers go to colour 
orange pouts ruled the runway at New York Fashion Week

from vibrant blood oranges, neon's to peachy tones
its safe to say springs hottest colour was in full action 
we seen orange on the runways of Rag & Bone which was a daring move for the fashion label as it is the first bold lip the brand has ever done for a show.

Mac cosmetics- Morange £15:00
Maybellines color sensational vivid s- Electric Orange

& For Your Nails

Mac Nail Lacquer- Morange
Rimmel 60 second- coralicous 

I Love the orange trend 
what do you think 
is orange the trend for you?