Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Fight Against Bad Skin

Hi everyone

As many of you may not know I have mild acne
its been a problem of mine for about 3 years now 
and one of the reasons I got into makeup

I don't have severe acne so I count my blessings
but I have enough of it for it to ruin my day pretty much everyday

for the past month I have been on a mission to
clear out my body

and today I've decided that its time to tackle my acne too
I have tried cream from the doctors and it just didn't work for me
and I dont believe in taking antibiotics or any sort of medication to tackle acne
as I believe you should take antibiotics for much more serious issues

Ive done my research and as acne is a hormonal thing I plan to tackle it from the inside 
thats means drinking lots of water (I Mean lots)
clearing out your liver and putting only healthy ingredients into your 
body making sure your body gets lots of vitamins.
also completely avoiding sugar.

I have also went out and bought some cleansers, face scrubs etc 
just to give myself and extra boost
my mum has always told me the benefits of drinking hot lemon juice in the
morning and night 
so I also plan to do that

Do any of you suffer with acne
if so, what did you use to treat it

I will be posting before & after pictures as the weeks progress