Friday, 13 September 2013

My Must Have Of The Week

Happy Friday Dolls!
Well Not that happy considering its Friday the 13th ;)

Every week I will be doing my must have of the week!
showing my favorite Makeup & Skincare products 

& This weeks products is the.........

Beauty Blender!

Now a year ago if someone would have said to me this sponge will change your life I would of just laughed... (really loud) but today its a whole different story!

This is the holy grail of makeup tools and applies your foundation and concealer in a way I have never seen before ....your face looks airbrushed
its a must have in my makeup kit 
I'm not going to lie its not cheap 1 sponge =£16 but its definitely worth it and do not fall for all the dupes out there... they are nothing compared 
go get it!