Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Top 5 Mac Eye shadows

Top 5 Mac Eyeshadows

  1. All That Glitters

For me all that glitters is the ultimate Mac Eyeshadow it was one of my first eye shadows I purchased at mac, it is a beautiful peachy gold and has the most gorgeous shimmer to it that really catches the light.
Despite the name (all that glitters) it has no glitter in it what so ever.
You can pair it with anything but I love to pair it with purples & pinks
it is one of the most versatile eye shadows I have come across,
this is definitely a colour everyone should have in there makeup bags

its perfect for daytime looks 
and be spiced up for the nighttime 


2.  Amber Lights   


What colour should every girl have in there makeup bag?
well a gorgeous gold of course 

we all have gold bags/shoes/jewelry 
so therefore we all need a gold eye shadow right?

I'm in love with this shade, colour payoff is amazing & goes with browns and blacks perfectly 
a must have for a perfect night out

3. Carbon

The ultimate Black is CARBON
not really to much to say about this, goes with everything 
completes most looks
super black 
no sparkle just jet black
a must have in everyone's kit


4. Espresso 

Espresso is one of my most used colors 
its a general normal brown, it goes amazing above the crease when doing a smokey eye, pair it with carbon and you can create the classic smokey eye 
as shown underneath

It also a gorgeous brow colour for brunettes
and can be used as a contour colour.

5. Nocturnelle 

My favorite purple out of the whole mac collection
this colour looks amazing with all skin types/tones and eye colors 
pair it with beauty marked and you have a winner 
as shown below.