Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Night Out, The Liverpool Way

Liverpool girls dont do things by half
im sure many of you no that, us scouse ladies are known for are over the top personalities and our quest for all things beautiful

the average Liverpool girl spends her whole week preparing for the Saturday night out
with some going to the extremes of plastic surgery.

Liverpool has double the amount of makeup artists/hair salons than any other city in the UK.
We certainly dont play around when it comes to beauty. 

I thought I would do a little post of how to get the typical scouse look as I no it is a look requested by many, even though you might think it,
the average scouse girl doesn't have them extreme scouse brows, 
Liverpool girls are always classy and though you may not believe we never look trashy.

1. Sleep In rollers

They are a must in Liverpool
everyone girl owns a set of fabulous rollers, and when we discovered sleep in rollers well its safe to say we went insane, just what we needed rollers that we could sleep in! 
if you dont see a girl in rollers when out in town on a Saturday you would suspect there must of been some sort of war.

                 2. The perfect lashes

feeling like a man is a must not 
so no scouse girl feels right without false eyelashes
a must have, 
running out on a Saturday morning is not uncommon.

3. The perfect non streaky tan

Oh to have a uneven tan is the worst that could happen on a Saturday night
some will opt for a spray tan
others will do there own 
couldn't go out looking white now could we ;).

4. The perfect smokey eye

Most girls will go to a makeup artist like me,most weekends I am fully booked up!others will try to master the smokey eye by using palettes like urban decay naked 2
with so many options you can have a different 
smokey eye every other weekend.

5. The scouse brow

The brow that has become famous thanks to shows like desperate scouse wives, however im sorry to disappoint the scouse brows are not so scouse as many ladies do not have there brows like that I would say we like to have are brows more kardashian style
defiantly full, but to have them at the point were you cant see no hair is a no! 

6. the perfect base

Its no secret that we like to have a good base that means trying to show as little skin as possible
Illamasqua skin base foundation is perfect
with Liverpool having both illamasqua and mac stores we are never short of options  

and these are the 6 steps to the perfect Liverpool look
not for everyone but a must for some!
hope you enjoyed