Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends

Its that time again autumn has arrived & Its time to get inspired by the beauty trends that we are set to roll out as the weather cools down
 this A/W its all about getting rid of the pinks and saying hello to berry, burgundy and blacks 
dewy skin is no longer a must have, 
its all about a flawless a velvet finish.  

Here are my top trends for this A/W

All About the eyes

We seen purples & reds at Gucci 
and blacks at Marc Jacobs 
this a/w its all about heavily made up, grudge looking eye makeup 
a must have to make your mark this winter.

Cat eyes

all over the cat walk with a sixties twist eyeliner is big and with so many different ways to do it you will never run out of options 
use Illamasqua Gel Eyeliner to get that perfect winged look.

Red, Berry & Burgundy Lips

Lips where a big statement 
no matte was in sight
 all the lips where textured, velvet and glossy finishes
all about the different shades of red.

What do you think of the A/W Trends
what is your favorite 
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