Monday, 16 September 2013

Eldora False Eyelashes Review

Hi Dolls

As A Liverpool Girl I love false eyelashes and I personally think a pair of eyelashes completes a makeup look, so I am always on the look out for the cheapest and the best.
 Eyelashes are so expensive and sometimes when you find some cheap ones 
they turn out to be plastic which most of the time is not fantastic! :(

I was lucky enough to try out a couple of pair of eldora lashes
and to say I was pleased is a understatement 
these eyelashes are amazing, they are hand made which gives them 
the extra edge to look and feel that extra bit el natural.
Eyelashes can feel like they way your eyes down but
that doesn't happen with these, no extra weight just gorgeous eyes.

As for prices, eldora are not overly expensive & they also do a professional discount for makeup artists like me which is just amazing 
who doesn't love a bit of discount ???

They do a wide range of styles which is a must for any lash lover,
 they go from natural and wispy 
to full on fabulous thick lashes 
they also do fancy dress ones which come in perfect for Halloween,
perfect to embrace your wild side.

and you can use them up to 10 times 

These eyelashes are a must,
 if your a lash lover, a makeup artist or a first time false lasher 
these are the lashes for you. 
A definite must try

What are you fave false eyelashes? 
and if you have tried eldora what are your opinions ? 
I would love to know